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Council Fire is a global management consultancy that helps purpose-driven organizations thrive by creating lasting economic, social and environmental value. We listen to, collaborate with, and empower our clients to develop and implement customized strategies informed by insightful data-driven analysis, innovative and effective stakeholder engagement, creative and powerful branding and communications that drive action, and a system of continuous learning and adaptation to sustain organizational success.


What We Do

We are experts in helping our clients achieve sustainable success by discovering, embracing and leveraging economic, social and environmental opportunities that will yield decades of growth and positive operational performance. We utilize deep stakeholder collaboration, state-of-the-art technologies, market-based solutions, innovative digital campaign strategies, impact investment approaches and simple hard work to produce desired results.

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Analysis & Planning

Engagement & Communications

Measurement & Analytics


Natural Resource & Ocean Management

Transportation Systems

Energy & Water Management

Our Impact

As a long-standing, purpose-driven social enterprise, we’re simultaneously focused on changing behavior and producing results at the organizational level and at scale, all to drive the sustainable business movement.

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