Jonathan Halperin

Based in Washington, DC, Jonathan has more than 25 years of experience leading and advising private sector and non-profit organizations.

Jonathan brings a multitude of skills and experiences to support private sector and non-profit organizations.  With a focus on combining strategy, communications and cross-sectoral partnerships to enable purpose-driven and durable results, he has supported a variety of leading organizations including SustainAbility, Ltd., Resources for the Future, Greyston Social Enterprise, Mundo Verde PCS, Unilever, Ceres, The James Beard Foundation, Nestle, The Marcus Foundation, Hewlett-Packard, GlobeScan and the NYU Center for Sustainable Business at the Stern School.   

Jonathan's work developing strategic narratives with clients includes executive producing the award-winning documentary Hope in a Changing Climate, a recent series of videos with Paul Polman (Unilever CEO), Jostein Solheim (Ben & Jerry’s CEO) and Kat Taylor (co-CEO of Beneficial State Bank); and creation of the SnapAlumni campaign with Participant Media to support A Place at the Table. He is founder and President of Designing Our Future.

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