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Energy infrastructure and planning and management of our water resources now rank at the top of the list of the most pressing and far-reaching issues in our world economy. 

We believe solutions to the world's most challenging infrastructure issues lie in achieving utility-scale development of alternative energy sources, including offshore and land-based wind, solar and hydrogen power, and successfully pursuing robust and innovative water management and restoration initiatives.
We excel at developing and implementing sophisticated, yet practical strategic plans that leverage financing tools and market drivers, state-of-the-art technologies, and the power of public opinion to create widespread support for renewable energy and water management programs.  We have designed and executed advocacy campaigns to accomplish local, state and national public policy changes and provided strategic and permitting support for individual projects. Combined, these tools and services lead to timely-constructed energy infrastructure and water management projects that provide decades of utility, sustained quality of life, and sensible growth.


The International Energy Agency has reported that, in 2015, fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas accounted for 87% of the world’s total energy production. And renewables like wind and solar? While increasingly trending in the right direction, they accounted for less than 2%.


An Illustration of Our Work

Offshore Wind

NRG Bluewater Wind, an affiliate of the Fortune 500 company NRG Energy, is one of the nation's leading developers of renewable energy projects and has been a tireless advocate of wind as a clean, safe, and stable-priced means to meet the energy needs of the United States.
When Bluewater secured the first power purchase agreement for offshore wind energy along the United States’ Mid-Atlantic coast, it needed help to effectively create an industry where one didn’t previously exist, through the establishment of necessary state-level policies and the building of a strong coalition of stakeholders supporting future offshore wind project developments.
Council Fire served as a critical advisor through the initial planning stage and into execution, including policy infrastructure development, research and analysis of critical offshore wind energy related issues, government relations, comprehensive stakeholder education and engagement, and generation of broad-based public support.
This included researching and reviewing activities relating to enhancing the economic, environmental and social benefits of offshore wind; developing and implementing a stakeholder outreach program; assisting Bluewater in its interactions with regulatory agencies related to project permitting issues and developing a legislative strategy to effect policies important for offshore wind development. In addition, we were tasked with supporting Bluewater’s interactions with national environmental groups, federal elected officials, federal regulatory agencies related to general education, as well as public policy and permitting issues.
Our impact was substantial and lasting. We quickly helped Bluewater generate overwhelming stakeholder support for the development of offshore wind along the Mid-Atlantic coast. Over time, we also secured strong political support and tangible state level policy advancements in Maryland and other regional jurisdictions that now stand as integral pieces to the advancement of offshore wind on the eastern seaboard of the United States.